Danny Spitzer

(The review right before mine can be ignored; that person has mostly negative reviews about everything, take a look. Some people are miserable and just love to complain wherever they go; clearly his review here was an outlier and can be tossed out of the pool of data; after all, you have to look at the preponderance of evidence)….Now that that’s out of the way:

Organic Corner: The owner Craig couldn’t be any nicer or more accommodating; so friendly and genuine, really rare these days. The food was excellent. The lasagna was outstanding, the best vegan lasagna I’ve had. And it was WFPB, with zucchini noodles and cashew cheese. Huge points for Organic Corner using those whole foods instead of using white flour pasta noodles and processed vegan cheese. The veggie sushi was unique and really good with a nice crunch to it, and offering a mouthful of flavors. The Buffalo Cauliflower was great, not dripping with oil or deep fried, so definitely healthier than other places I’ve been too. The sauce with it was very good too. The quinoa burger was also great, with lots of yummy potato wedges. The kale salad was huge and packed full of nutrients and great flavor; great ingredients. All of the portions were much larger than the average restaurant, as a result, we had quite a lot of leftovers, and I can pack the food away. Craig hooked us up with a “Snickers” type desert, except made from oats, dates, nuts, etc. Better than any candy bar that I’ve ever had and way healthier. This place is great. Jen and I will be back.

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