Shannon J.

Love the atmosphere. Smoothie and juice bar is great. Be aware it’s not actually a restaurant yet, contrary to what the menu on thOK so I never really write reviews on places unless they are horrific or spectacular! This place is literally my new favorite place. I am obsessed! As a vegan it’s not easy to find delicious food to pick up on the go. The cafe here is the best in Long Island (or at least that I’ve tried). Everything is delicious even my family who are not vegan love the food. I live about thirty minutes away from my house but I have been and will be going a few times a week . If I lived closer I would be getting food here all the time. On top of that the customer service is great and everyone is so friendly and helpful. If you are looking for healthy food you must try this place!!!eir website describes. But I hope they will be soon!

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