Healthy Food: Not Just for New Year’s Anymore

[Craig Margulies] started Organic Corner nearly three years ago with the goal of selling healthy goods—hot and cold food by order, vegan and vegetarian options, vitamin supplements and produce—and serving up a juice bar because of a feeling that the “South Shore is just neglected when it comes to health,” he says.

Margulies, a child athlete who played hockey in college, could be easily mistaken for a nutritionist or a doctor (though he doesn’t profess to be) the way he talks about alkaline diets, acidity, the digestive process and how juicing—drinking vegetable-based liquids (which he offers) to replace regular meals for a certain time period—“recalibrates” the palate and puts the body at full-digestive rest for the first time since childhood. Cut out dairy and red meat entirely, he says, and “you’re 100-percent healthier.” Don’t get him started on sugar.


In a short time, Organic Corner, with its Starbucks-esque seating and comfortable work area, has become a popular place where like-minded people gather to share stories about their lifestyle changes, Margulies included.

“Health is like oxygen,” he says. “You don’t know how important it is until you lose it.”

Operating a health-food market or restaurant is inherently risky because of the cost of producing healthy options. But Margulies says he’s 100-percent committed to the cause and believes more people are re-assessing how they want to live their lives.

Yes, he laments, it will cost customers more to eat healthy. But to him, it’s a worthwhile investment.

“Have you ever seen a bill when you get sick?” he asks.

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